Obvious Reasons For Saying “NO” To Drugs

30 April 2016
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30 April 2016, Comments 0
Obvious Reasons For Saying “NO” To Drugs

It is a widely known fact that drugs have the ability to destroy your social, physical and mental being. Drugs make a person addicted and one can hardly think of anything other than drugs.You become so much dependent on them, that you avoid all important things in life and prioritize drugs. A drug addict not only creates problem for himself but for his/her family members too.

There can be a number of reasons for taking up drugs but to leave them requires only one thing i.e. Strong Will Power and Preservation. No matter how much you are addicted to drugs, one can surely leave them behind to live a healthy and prosperous life.

Physical Dependency

  • Physical Dependency

Drugs can lead to many biological and chemistry changes in the body and brain. It makes a person’s body dependent on drugs and one finds it very difficult to live without it.This kind of dependency makes a person incomplete till the drugs are consumed.

  • Emotional Dependency

Most of the people start taking drugs due to some emotional stress. They don’t even realize that taking drugs is not a solution for their problems. With time, they are emotionally addicted to it. They want the drugs every time they are upset or going through a rough phase.

  • Expenses

We all know how costly drugs are. These are so expensive that even your month’s salary could go into it, if you are an addict. Money is earned very hard and meets all the needs and requirements of your family. How can a person ignore the needs of living for a stupid addiction?

  • Health

Drugs have no good use and it will play with your health too. It is nothing but a poison that destroys your body in no time. It makes your immune system so weak that you are likely to catch a lot of diseases. Even, an overdose of drugs can kill you on the spot!

  • Arrest

We all know that drugs are illegal. So, if you are taking drugs or even keeping them, you are doing a crime and may soon end up in jail! Not only this, people who use drugs fall short of money and commit other crimes for money in order to buy new drugs. This will surely guarantee you an arrest!

  • Relationships

Even the person taking drugs has no idea, what kind of person he/she has become. One tends to behave in a different and strange way, putting all relationships at stake. People start looking at things with a different perspective and often end up in physical and verbal abuse.

  • Threat To Society

We all know that criminals manufacture drugs and sell it illegally. They are just interested in money and this money is used for all other criminal activities. You never know, the money you gave to buy drugs might be used to harm your own family members!

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