How To Talk With Your Teens About Drug and Alcohol

19 November 2016
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Talk With Your Teens

Talking to your kids or teens about drug and alcohol does not have to be difficult. When you start to talk to your teens regarding drug addiction, don’t expect it to be a one-time conversation. You should use current events or incidents to educate them so that they are prepared to handle and face situations at school, college, parties and elsewhere. Let them know what you want to say and why it is important. Discuss physical and emotional consequences of using alcohol and drugs.

It is never early to talk to them. When it comes to discussing more sensitive subjects with kids or teens, many parents feel uncomfortable. As a parent, it is your responsibility to educate your son or daughter regarding it. Educate about the danger of alcohol and drug is one of the best ways to help your kids. Here are some easy tips to help parents talk to their teens about alcohol and drug.

  1. Be supportive

    Try to support your teen when he or she is in problem. Make sure he or she knows that you are with him or her at the difficult time. Show them that you notice the positive things about them. Don’t rely on relatives, teachers, colleagues or friends support your teen’s good behavior.

  2. Ask what they already know

    You may get surprised at the details your teen already knows. Kids observe everything very easily what they see on television and other things that they discuss with friends. Before you get too far in your conversation, ask your teen what he or she know about the drugs and alcohol. It is crucial to his or her health, happiness and success in mind.

  3. Warn about risks

    If he or she shows a lack of interest in conversation, you have to try to tell him or her that alcohol and drugs come with serious risks. When they get admission in high school, they make new friends and get invited to social gatherings. Before going to high school, educate them that do not use alcohol and drugs in social gatherings. It will send them to the hospital or get them kicked out of the school.

  4. Be honest about your experience

    Sometimes it is easy to forget our past. If your son or daughter asks about your own past substance use, do not lie with him or her if you did use in the past. It is a great opportunity to grow closer with your teens through your own experience.

When kids or teens fall into drug or alcohol, it can develop a terrible situation for both, teens and their parents. It may very difficult to admit that you see signs of substance abuse in your child. No parents wants for their children in a terrible condition. If you have a question about teen substance addiction and abuse, get in touch with a professional.

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