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Toronto Drug Rehabilitation is a free drug and alcohol addiction referral service offered to Canadians who are looking for rehab services in and around Toronto Ontario and the greater Toronto area. We understand that this trying time in anyone’s life can be a source for grief and even embarrassment please contact our staff for a confidential and non judgmental assessment of your situation so we can properly advise you of your options, rights and responsibilities in a situation where you or a loved one are loosing thee battle with addiction or alcoholism.

Our staff are Knowledgeable in every platform of drug rehabilitation currently offered in Toronto Ontario. We can not only help you to choose the appropriate facility but we pride ourselves on helping you to understand exactly why a specific type of drug rehab facility tends to work better in certain situations and also we will provide the supporting evidence to back up any claims made with respect to the different treatment philosophies. in some cases where there is some history of or strong evidence of an underlying mental health issue a person may benefit from a dual diagnosis or concurrent disorders program. If an individual is consuming a substance to which people become physically addicted we can recommend excellent facilities which provide comprehensive medical detoxification services before therapy. When someone’s addiction is a largely “behavioral” issue we may recommend a a CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy location. If a person has many compounding reasons for their addiction to have gotten to the point where they loose all control we may look in to a multi disciplinary approach.

Toronto Drug Rehab Services

Addiction is a common scenario in our country where the view point is generally tolerant of some level of addiction with many large festivals which glamorize alcohol or marijuana rallies which force marijuana use out in public by a show of force tend to provide a platform for the idea that alcohol and drugs are an enhancement to ones ability to “have a good time” or to “relax” when the reality for most people with problem is that every day is torture and they desperately wish they could regain control of their choice to consume drugs and or alcohol and to live a productive life again.

Toronto Drug Rehabilitation is here to help you locate a drug addiction or alcohol addiction treatment centre. We will work with both the family and the addict to help determine the proper course of treatment as well the the treatment centre which would best fit the addicts situation.

Toronto Drug Rehabilitation has helped hundreds of clients by connecting our clients with the following drug addiction treatment services:
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Toronto Drug is a FREE drug addiction treatment referral service that can help you with the difficult decision of selecting the appropriate drug rehabilitation facility. 

Whatever your situation is right now, you can get through this, and Toronto Drug Rehabilitation can help. Drug Addiction Recovery is Possible.
Toronto Drug Rehab has over ten years of experience helping families and alcoholics recover from alcohol addiction. In that time we have seen thousands of alcoholics and families recover and begin living life clean and sober.

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Our online service is provided free of charge as a public benefit service and all information received from our clients is confidential. Response time is usually 24 hours or less.

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